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Baidu bidding ranking (5,000 yuan in advance for promotion fee + 1200 yuan for account opening fee)

Baidu bidding instructions

· Bid ranking promotion prepaid from 5,000 yuan, unlimited overpayment, deposited into your registered bid ranking account, when potential customers click to visit your website through bid ranking, Baidu will deduct relevant costs .

· The cost per click starts at 0.3 yuan. If multiple websites bid on a keyword at the same time, the search results are sorted according to the level of the CPC bid. There is no limit to the number of keywords that each user can submit. No matter how many keywords are submitted, they are charged according to the actual clicks on the website.

· Renewable fees can be used up. The renewal amount starts from 2,000 yuan.

· No service fee for renewal

Promotion advantage

  • 1 exposure-exposure

    The first step in network promotion is to cast a large number of nets . The more nets are spread, the larger the coverage area, and the higher the probability of catching fish. When we do network promotion, the first thing to do is to publish a large amount of information, and to publish a large amount of information, so that your business has a huge display volume.

  • 2 Traffic-CTR

    After 10 years of internet marketing services , many customers complained to me: Teacher Guo, we publish information every day. There is a lot of information in the rankings, and customers have seen it, but our website is still not too many people click, no one asks plate. This is a common problem. The main reason is that the content of the information is not well planned and well edited. It cannot attract customers' attention, cannot solve the problem, and cannot impress the customer.

  • 3Conversion Amount-Conversion Rate

    There are no inquiries on display, and no inquiries on click. Sales is a process that solves customer problems and reflects the value of the enterprise. Our customers are unwilling to contact us. There must be problems in the content we show. Our company's advantages, product selling points, service characteristics, industry reputation, comprehensive strength, Did your main business express your interest to customers?

  • 4 Turnover-Turnover Rate

    When there is a customer inquiry , can our order personnel cooperate well, seize the customer, solve the customer's problem, and become the customer? This is a more critical part of online marketing. At this time, business information, speech, and marketing models are needed to connect with customers, and it depends on the professionalism and sales capabilities of the ordering staff.

What should you do online promotion?

  • build

    Marketing Website Construction

    Marketing website construction

    Design a marketing website that is more suitable for you based on the characteristics of different industries. The full coverage of the PC mobile terminal allows customers to fall in love with it at a glance, greatly improving the conversion rate and increasing the amount of consultation!

  • excellent

    Website SEO optimization

    Web site SEO optimization

    Set industry keywords on your website and optimize them according to search engine rules to make your website appear on the homepage of Baidu faster.

  • Push

    Industry search term promotion

    To promote industry the search term

    Use classified information, B2B business, community sharing and other platforms to release thousands of keywords, so that the industry search terms ranked on the Baidu homepage, the eight major search engines have no dead spots for accurate marketing, and never give up any one to tell customers why they should choose your opportunity. .

  • tree

    Establish a corporate image

    Set up the enterprise image

    News media releases, encyclopedias, maps, video creations, and the company's high corporate image are delivered to customers via the Internet. We are not afraid of customers to compare, but customers are not to compare.

  • Declare

    Company word of mouth

    Word of mouth publicity company

    Establish a positive reputation of the company through the Q & A platform, speak with facts, be more convincing, and let customers choose you more at ease!

  • win

    Win the market

    Word of mouth publicity company

    Establish a positive reputation of the company through the Q & A platform, speak with facts, be more convincing, and let customers choose you more at ease!

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